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I'm thrilled to announce.....

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Baby Kayden Ardria Kathryn made her entrance to the world at home on June 12th at 1:05am! After prodromal labor since 4am on the 11th it kicked into high gear around midnight and she squirted out in dramatic fashion weighing 6lbs 12oz and measuring 20" long.

Here are a few pictures:
15 minutes old
About 36 hours old

I'll be back with my birth story after I write it ~smiles~
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Congrats!!! She is beautiful!!!
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congrats amy!!!she is beautiful

i love that second pic - the perspective makes her look sooo teeny on papa's chest - too cute!!
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Congatulations Amy!! Can't wait for the birth story. She is adorable
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Congratulations Amy and welcome baby Kayden!

She's beautiful--looks so much like her Daddy
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Oh goodness, she's cute!

Congrats - lurking over here from the July board - how exciting! I hope we have another group prenatal so I get to meet your new little one! Can't wait to read the birth story

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Congratulations Amy- she is absolutely adorable!
aww those pics are adorable
happy babymoon!
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