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AF started Oct. 31
CD 11 --high cervix, LOTS of EWCM, baby danced that night
CD 12--I think ovulation pain, high cervix
CD 13--high cervix, minimal EWCM
CD 14--medium-high cervix, some EWCM, some cm, baby danced
CD 15, 16,17,18,19,20,21,22, 23

CD 24--first BFP, but hardly visible
CD 25--second BFP, but VERY faint
CD 26--
CD 27
CD 28--light pink spotting
CD 29
CD 30
CD 31
CD 32
CD 33--DOCTOR VISIT, BFP, hcg test of 1421

I guess it makes most sense if I ovulated on CD 14 and had spotting on day 28, but all my internal signs pointed at CD 11,12..My hcg numbers are a little high also to be a mere 19 dpo....although if they had doubled exactly every 2 days, it would have given me an hcg of 5 at 2dpo (in order to ovulate on cd14)

does this make sense? What are your thoughts?
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