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Images: Breastfeeding vs. formula cows/milk

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It struck me as quite funny that my ds got to try to 'milk' a plastic cow near a ice cream store today. The cow was out of 'milk' so it wasn't very satisfying at all... anyways...

I was thinking of this and the contraversy over a little breast on the Baby Talk cover, etc. and getting frustrated.

So I had some fun thoughts for 'ads' visuals etc that would spark dialogue or shock. I had a few tag lines that were okay and lost them... but here goes:

Bra Model next to Mother Breastfeeding (some breast shows)
Breastfeeding is not indecent.

Back end of dirty cow next to Mother Breastfeeding
Cow's milk: The Udder Milk
Mother's Milk for human babies
Breastmilk: it does a baby good!

Stuff like this would be great bill board material-- or signs in public transit-- or signs at protests etc.

It just made me feel a little better to have a little giggle about this adn I thought I would share.

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Someone give this woman Photoshop and an advertising account
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Originally Posted by futureCPM
Someone give this woman Photoshop and an advertising account

Hear, hear!!
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No, please... someone else please get inspired that already knows PhotoShop!

Thanks though.

I'd love to see the cows tail twitching and smacking a big fat fly, btw.

Photo of a mother breastfeeding.

In bold print under the photo: "Breastmilk - It Ain't Formula"
You should create a mock-up/model and call LLL or someone who could get it on a billboard...that's fantastic!
My favorite is:

Cow's Milk : The Udder Milk...
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