Delightful silk scapes, beautiful wooden kitchens, whimsical mobiles and more to spark the imagination of children of many ages.

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<!-- Horsie Reins -->

Image of: Horsie Reins

Horsie Reins

One of the most unique toys we have seen, these horsie reins are designed to be worn by one child while another follows along behind. Perfect for imaginative outdoor playtime.

<!-- Blocks in a Box -->

Image of: Blocks in a Box

Blocks in a Box

We love these blocks! The sizes, shapes and colors are just right for building towns, towers and train stations! Made in Poland, the large set comes in a handy wooden box for storage.

<!-- YOXOBug Dragonfly Construction Kit -->

Image of: YOXOBug Dragonfly Construction Kit

YOXOBug Dragonfly Construction Kit

There are as many reasons to love the new YOXOBug as their are pieces in this creative set. Kids can create a huge 3 foot long dragonfly and then use the durable 100% recycled links to build an endless array of other items. Add in items from around the house, such a paper towel tubes and food containers, to increase the fun and possibilities. Awesome price and made in the USA!

<!-- Toddler Wooden Maple Blocks -->

Image of: Toddler Wooden Maple Blocks

Toddler Wooden Maple Blocks

Beautifully made from maple in Minnesota and just the right size for toddler hands, what more is there to say! Little ones will love this set.

<!-- Flatout Frankie Little Roar Head -->

Image of: Flatout Frankie Little Roar Head

Flatout Frankie Little Roar Head

What a unique idea! Build this sturdy cardboard dino head with your child and attach it to the end of a stick or broom for some active fun. Made of recycled cardboard in New Zealand.

<!-- Joe's Wooden Finger Bow -->

Image of: Joe's Wooden Finger Bow

Joe's Wooden Finger Bow

This tiny wooden bow is made in the US and comes with two blunt arrows and an extra string. A cute and sturdy little gift for a stocking.

<!-- My Activity Clock -->

Image of: My Activity Clock

My Activity Clock

We love this unique idea from Elves and Angels. Solidly made of wood, the colorful activity clock is eductional and fun. It comes with 12 removable activity disks that are blank on the back so children and caregivers can add their own activities as well. US made.

<!-- Basic Chef's Set -->

Image of: Basic Chef's Set

Basic Chef's Set

A perfect compliment to any play kitchen, the basic chef's set includes everything your little cook will need to get started. Great price for a high quality US toy set.

<!-- Good Maine Eggs -->

Image of: Good Maine Eggs

Good Maine Eggs

An egg hunt for the holidays anyone? These wooden eggs are simple but oh so much fun. Cook them up in a play kitchen, decorate them with crayons and markers, or hide them around the house for an indoor treasure hunt. Made in Maine.

<!-- Wooden Egg Holder Tray -->

Image of: Wooden Egg Holder Tray

Wooden Egg Holder Tray

What are a set of wooden eggs without a wooden holder to go with them? This item is the perfect way to keep those Good Main Eggs looking neat, and the kids will love serving them up in style. Plus, you can't beat the price.

<!-- Julianna's Kitchen -->

Image of: Julianna's Kitchen

Julianna's Kitchen

A simple and supremely well made wooden kitchen, this toy looks great and will withstand years and years of play. A sink and stove with working knobs, an oven, and a storage cabinet and shelf make this play kitchen realistic for tots. Plus, the height is just right--not too tall or short like some other kitchens we've seen. Considering the quality construction and the fact that it is made in the US by hand, this kitchen is a steal.

<!-- Suzanne's Kitchen -->

Image of: Suzanne's Kitchen

Suzanne's Kitchen

If you're looking to splurge a bit on a wooden toy kitchen this year, this exquisite option is not to be missed. Made with your choice of maple or pine and backed with birch, the quality of this kitchen is unsurpassed. Each one of these heavy duty cooking centers is handmade in Maine by master toymaker David Smalley. Standing 40" tall and 28" deep, it is plenty large for more than one child to play with simultaneously. A sink and stove, oven, cabinet, counter space and two gorgeous styled shelves make this kitchen functional and beautiful to look at.

<!-- Silk Cape -->

Image of: Silk Cape

Silk Cape

Dress up and let the imagination flow with this beautiful and natural silk cape. Will fit just about any child.

<!-- Silk Scape -->

Image of: Silk Scape

Silk Scape

The possibilities for play are seemingly endless with this silk scape from Sarah's Silks. Use it in a fort, on a castle, as a cape or as a get the idea.

<!-- Silk Soft Sword -->

Image of: Silk Soft Sword

Silk Soft Sword

A safe sword for any little tot, this will make just the right addition to castle play or any dress up box. Great price and made of lovely, colorful silk.

<!-- Silk Crown -->

Image of: Silk Crown

Silk Crown

Another perfect addition to the dress up box is this sweet crown. Will fit many head sizes and is available in a wide variety of colors for just about any style.

<!-- Small Starry Night Playsilk -->

Image of: Small Starry Night Playsilk

Small Starry Night Playsilk

Whether your child is using this as a doll blanket or cape, this small play silk will surely give them a smile. Beautiful design is perfect for nearly every need.