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Immune System Building Regimine

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Everyone in our family has been sick constantly this year! It actually began back in September when both the kids got a stomach bug and has just rolled on since then. It goes from kid to kid to mom to dad - colds, stomach bug, dh and I both got the real deal flu (out of work for 2 whole weeks!!!).

I'm not sure why I haven't started something early - I mean its been 8 months of this! But I keep thinking that each illness will be the last. This past week started on Monday with ds and a horrible ear ache (better by that evening) then weds dd started throwing up. Thurs ds was throwing up and Friday dh and I were throwing up.

I've never had this kind of illness in my life!

I'm lookig for advice and ideas for things to put together for a daily immunity building regimine for the whole family.
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See Nutrition/Immunology 101 sticky at the top of the Vaccinations forum.

The short version to start with IMO is homemade yogurt/kefir, cod liver oil and natural form of vitamin C everyday and cut out sugar and other processed foods.
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