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I am actually posting for a friend. Her DS has been antibiotics for 2 weeks while on antibiotics developed an ear infection and pneumonia. He has respiratory issuses for some time and now is dealing w/ chronic ear infections.

Any suggestions for some immunity boosters? I did mention to her maybe it could be food allergies.

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There have been a couple threads lately talking about this. Must be the mid-winter blah germs.

I like C, D3 and zinc. It's hard to find zinc for kids, but if you read multivitamin labels you can find it. D3 we do separately in liquid form such as this. You can usually find it locally at GNC, Vitamin World or health food stores.

D3 is a great flu medicine.

HTH. I know some other mommas had some herb recommendations. Oh! Yeah. I always forget. I have been reading a lot about Sinupret (found it on Dr. Sears' website). DD doesn't like the taste but it is supposed to be effective. We found some in Walmart.

There's also a homeopathic remedy I've seen in drugstores called Chestal--tastes like honey (has honey in it). I don't know that it did anything for DD though. So...

Hope that helps!

Hope they feel better!

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They might want to look into underlying issues w/that many infections and infections while on antibiotics. Has he had any immune testing? Depending on the extent he might meet the criteria to consider primary immune deficiency. If there is something major going on like that he needs major treatment beyond what would be mentioned here, you know?

But things that build the immune system (assuming this isn't a major immune system dysfunction and it may well be) in order of importance I think:
probiotics (especially s. boulardi for him--allergen free by Klaire labs or florastor which contains dairy and a good broad spectrum probiotic would be good too once he finished the antibiotics)
vitamin D3 (kids over age one can take 2000 IU per day of D3)
zinc (I like optizinc, it's not flavored though)
vitamin C
plenty of sleep and perhaps supplementing melatonin in small doses
antioxidant rich foods
xylitol is good for ear infection prevention and possibly other infection prevention too (lots of information online about that)
*I would not do either of those if immune system testing might occur. They are proven to raise immunity and you would want to know what you're dealing w/first. If I'm reading right this child may have some major issues that need addressed.

On the chronic ear infections you could recommend cranial sacral or chiropractic to hopefully help her learn to massage the ears for drainage. I basically isolated my kid so he couldn't pick up anything among other things to get off that cycle. He needed tubes in retrospect. Some kids do and this may be one of those kids.
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