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Elyen - Hi, i'm in that same perdiciment! I'm now 40 +3 and delivered my son at 38 weeks... pushed like 3 times and he was out, no drugs! I've been MISERABLE this entire pregnancy, but most specifically since i was 36 weeks! Knowing that i could go at anytime, and waking up everyday not going into labor... It is getting harder and harder as days go on... Now my Dr. is talking induction and breaking of my waters... etc...!! My first was 6lbs 1/2 oz... this baby is already bigger, but not that much i'm sure... No advice, just hang in there with the rest of us!

BTW -- the rest of us have been hanging out in the Equinox Sept/Oct Moms thread... You should join us... we just had three births in the past 3 days and it is getting exciting... Here's the link...

Hope to see you there!
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