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Elyen -- Please, don't worry about a big baby. Your body wouldn't grow a baby it couldn't get out. I've heard of many women having small babies and then surprised with a large one that didn't cause any more pain or stretching than their little babies.

What's more is -- I totally feel for you! Man, if you think you're going to deliver at 37 weeks and you go over, that could be tough. Remember, many women go to 42 weeks or more. So, it could be October when this babe comes. Just know that it will be the perfectly right time for the baby.

Meanwhile, what can you do to pass the time? A friend of mine who was going well past her due date made plans with me every Weds for lunch at her favorite restaurant for an entire month after her due date. We figured even if she went well over, at least we'd have fun and good food. We only managed two lunches, but she was so glad to have something to look forward to besides prenatals.

Also, can you take a class? Get DP to watch your child and go learn pottery or painting or belly dancing or swimming! You'll do that one night a week and have a good time counting the weeks rather than frowning. You can get through this. I know you can!

Edited because I thought of one more class to take.
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