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improving odds of success

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I have recently had my third mc. I have had previous testing with it not showing much. I am trying to increase my chance of success so I am wondering:

1. How much folic acid in my prenatal vitamin is best?

2. What about taking half a baby aspirin while nursing? I know regular dose aspirin is a big no no, but has anyone taken a very low dose while still nursing a toddler, my son is almost 16 months.

3. Do you really think its safe to breastfeed while pregnant. I didnt have any bleeding or spotting but did lose the pregnancy in the end?

4. Are any of you using progesterone and if so which kind? pills, creams or suppostories.

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I am sorry for your losses.

I have had three consecutive losses and am still waiting for my recurrent miscarriage panel results. No matter what my tests reveal (or don't reveal), I will continue to take 1 baby aspirin, 2.4 mg folic acid, 4000 mg fish oil, vitamin E and my high quality prenatal vitamin. Sorry, I do not know how much baby aspirin is safe while breastfeeding.

Here is the link to an interesting study:

The sad truth is, most recurrent losses have no "good reason" assigned to the cause. And statistics prove that even without any kind of intervention, women with recurrent losses of unknown etiology have a 60-70% chance of our next pregnancy resulting in a live birth. Still.....when I do become pregnant again, I want aggressive treatment with heparin, baby aspirin, high folate, compounded progesterone 100mg suppository, and possibly preconception prednisone.

Our first loss was without any kind of intervention but my progesterone was very low (3.2) the day I started spotting. I used Clomid to get pregnant the next time (to help with progesterone) and took Prometrium 200mg from ovulation on. I lost that pregnancy at 9w5d. This last baby was conceived without Clomid but I did take Prometrium and progesterone suppositories and 1 baby aspirin a day. That pregnancy was also lost in the 9th week after seeing the fetal heartbeat on two previous u/s. I am at the end of my patience with "Here's a little something to try. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't." I want someone to do something about this NOW!

All of our babies have been born with the same midwife and I trust her completely. I just feel that I am beyond her help at this point. She is an expert at caring for women having normal, healthy pregnancies. I no longer feel "normal" and my pregnancies are failing.

I nursed through my last live birth pregnancy and then tandem nursed my toddler and new baby for many months until the big boy was ready to wean. I felt comfortable doing so because, at the time, I had no history of pre-term labor or miscarriage. I don't know that I would do that again, given what has happened to me now.

I'm sorry my post is on the rant-y side. I hope you find the answer to your recurrent losses and I wish you all the best in your next pregnancy.


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