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In celebration of frugal CDing!

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No offense to the hyenas, but I just wanted to celebrate my frugality in cloth diapering. In over a year of using cloth diapers, I have spent under $100! I borrowed many pre-folds and covers. I ended up buying 3 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and a bottle of Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion. All were great values. The wraps are getting small now, but we used them a long time.

Anyone else want to celebrate their frugal cloth diapering?
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I started out with a few more expensive dipes...resold and got more back out of them on Ebay than I had paid to begin with and have been with my prefolds and covers now (a mix of Gerber pull ons with a Snappi and Bummis SWW) for awhile now. After doing the math with my reselling profit, I've spent less than $100 on diapering in the last 16 months too.

Granted, I'll probably have to buy a few more larger covers, otherwise I think I'm set until potty training.
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I have spent more than $100....but I wanted to say Good job mamas!

That is why I love could NEVER do that with sposies!
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I have spent about $250 on CD's and I am now diapering my 3rd child with them and it has been over 4 years since I bought most of these diapers. Most of the cost was for 36 PF and some Bummis SIWW for ds1. I suplimented with some home made PF made out of tshirts I got at bag sales or flannel bought at 60% off. I also made a bunch of longies and bumsweaters out of sweaters that I got for $0.25 each. I am also knitting my own for dd using a mix of new and second hand wool
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What a wonderful thread! I have a couple times ventured to the CD forum, but when I try to suggest frugal CD'ing ideas, I believe they're rolling their eyes!! :LOL

I am using the same cover that I used with DS1, except currently DS 2 is bigger than DS1 was at the same age. So we had to buy covers for DS2 in size Large, and maybe in XL. We've bought all of those from ebay or here on MDC TP, or asked for covers for gifts from inlaws, etc.

As far as prefolds, we buy seconds from the diaper service for $3/dozen!! Incredoubly cheap! They only will have one stain or just starting to get frayed, but never anything major.
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Good for you!

I'm glad there are other here at MDC who love to have their kids in CD but do not get into the hyena aspects. (
: not that I don't splurg on other things!)
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Ooh, I didn't know you could get seconds from a diaper service! I'll have to keep that in mind if I need more prefolds in the future!

I'm not a completely frugal cloth diaperer -- I've spent almost $400 on cloth diapers since my daughter was born 7 months ago. Prefolds and PUL covers are our primary diapering solution, and that accounts for about half of what I've spent. The other half was spent on pocket diapers, which we use at night and on outings. For the first 6 months, our daughter was completely intolerant of wet diapers, and we wound up getting pocket diapers so we could avoid changing her quite so often.

At least cloth diapers are costing me less than disposables would have, and it's nice to know that I'll still have these diapers to use for our next child.
wow! people I can relate to! I can't imagine spending $20+ on one diaper! I just bought 5 Bummis SWW off ebay for a total of $12.50! I'm searching for some prefolds cheaper, but I might break down and buy new *sigh* and depending on the quality of my used Bummis I might only need to buy 1 or 2 new! YEA!
I'm doing things a lot more frugally this time. I have to!
I've gotten some great buys on the TP for $2 fitteds. We are using mostly prefolds and I've dyed some myself to spice things up.
Today I found a medium Lambkins wool cover at my favorite consignment store for $2.50 (I bought it even though we are strapped, then saved money by getting some great sales at the grocery store).
Also being able to knit has allowed me to have the gorgeous knit pants and soakers for just the cost of the yarn vs $80 (well worth the time they put into them) wahm made pants.
I'm not sure how much I've spent all together. I've bought and sold and bought and sold more times than I can count. Right now we do prefolds at home and fuzzibunz out, and I may sell off the fuzzibunz in favor of something that needs less careful maintenance (buildup with fleece) and/or is not so hot in summer.

I'm thinking of using the myriad flannel receiving blankets I have around for flats. Anyone do that?

I'm on a frugal kick with cd'ing and everything else. Found a Kate Spade diaper bag at the consignment store for $40....and just ebayed it for $81. I KNEW when I saw it that I could get at least $75 on ebay for it and couldn't believe the consignment shop owner didn't know what she had. I've been decluttering and selling lots of stuff; we're moving, have no cash at the moment, and there's too much "stuff" around.

Honestly? I love my prefolds and my pull-on Dappi/Especially For Baby nylon pants best. I may dye my prefolds for some pizazz but that's what we're sticking with for now...
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We are not completely frugal with our diapering but the majority of our stash is prefolds and wool(either TP that are free for shipping, donated to us, or made by me). We have a few fitteds and aio's for going out and for dh who won't do prefolds, And I adore our diaper stash. I'm so proud to cloth diaper. Congrats to you mamas who are so frugal! We resell a lot of our outgrown stuff on the TP or give away those that are not in selling condition to mamas in need. I have saved SO much money in the 5 months I've been using cloth. I can't imagine spending money on sposies all the time. And I knwo what y'all mean about the $80 longies or $20-30fitteds. I feel sorta out of place there. I'm proud of my prefold stash!

In 2 1/5 years of Cding, I believe I've spent around $300. It would have been a lot less, had my dd not developed a terrible yeast rash that would not go away except in FB pockets, so I ended up buying about a dozen of those a year ago. I have two in cloth, by the way.

My "stash" consists of 4 dozen infant prefolds, 3 dozen premium prefolds, a variety of covers in each size (newborn, small, med, and just 2 larges) and the dozen or so FB.

Part of the reason that we wanted to CD was to save money. There are times I covet a fancy diaper, but just can't wrap my mind around the price! I cry over spending $13 on a pocket!

If we are ever blest with another child, I will probably spend a bit more because I want to move to more pockets (simply so our daycare with continue to use them), but I plan on supplimenting our stash with homemade pockets as well.
Up until yesterday, I could have said $0 (many gifts and loaners), but I succumbed to the urge to own my own soakers -- have now spent $32.50 for two wool soakers and 12 doublers. Still, not too bad. If only I can control myself... back, hyena, back

Much better than what I spent on ds and sposies!
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I've Cd for several years now and fortunately I never got started on buying fancy diapers, cuz I know that if I bought even one I would be hooked! They are so cute! But for us, it's just been ProWraps and plain ol' cotton dipes!
Yay, I love this thread. CD'd my dd till recently potty learning. Dunno how much I spent in that time, but we went the frugal route too. Prefolds, misc fitteds I got used, some sad looking wraps at times!
What I did have came of the TP or from friends.
Especially at the end there, when I used her dipe covers over training undies instead of sposie pull-ups.

Good job, ladies, you're awesome!
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A couple of months ago, I got a big bag of cloth diapers for free at a La Leche League meeting. Yet another reason to go to LLL.
I'd say I've spent less than $300, not much more than $200. I probably spent more than I'd have had to if I'd been a SAHM, but I had a rotation of about 16 covers, mostly Proraps and Bummis, when my son was smaller--he was in daycare, and it was easier to bring in a week's worth of diapers at once.

I bought the Proraps new from Dy-Dee (cheap if you buy 6 at a time), the rest used on ebay. The CPFs I bought used from ebay (nice, because they were already broken in, and I was washing dipes in the laundromat at the time). I bought some Euro prefolds new from ebay, and haven't liked them as much.

I'm intrigued by the idea of getting prefold seconds from a diaper service, but I don't actually need more diapers, and am unlikely to ever need more covers. I have to say, I'm so impressed by the Proraps, they're just indestructable.

I'm really put off by the whole hyena thing...I just don't get it. I just can't see spending the money, and I don't think I would even if I had the money. I just can't relate. Then again, I'm a person who would really have to struggle with myself to pay more than $20 on a pair of shoes, or any article of clothing, for that matter. Someone gave me a little outfit for Sprogly when he was a newborn, and it was obviously very expensive...and I was appalled. I just couldn't help it. I remember thinking that I could have bought a whole layette with the money. Oh well, I'm funny that way.
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I recently bought something off of Ebay that is getting in higher demand (on the verge of hyena-dom)...and I didn't see what the big deal was. Not going to mention any names, but it just didn't work for us.
Love it! You mamas rock!
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