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In MY home, that is
I work from home, and I think I finally have to break down and get someone in to help me in the mornings. My mom comes for a couple of hours two days a week, and while the baby was taking a morning nap that was working well enough, but now she's only taking one nap a day, and there's only so much TV my preschooler can watch (well, not if you ask her, but still), etc. etc. So I need someone to come for a couple of hours 3 mornings a week. Can any mamas recommend anyone? Are there any MDC mamas out there who do in-home care and would be interested? Any other suggestions for finding someone? I'm really dreading this. We've held out for three years, but it's just too much with two kids, even with one in preschool part time.

Any input is appreciated. TIA!
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