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In laws coming!

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Well not too soon but I found out they want to come the 3rd week in July. I suppose that's fine, but I started to feel panicky when I found out last night.
Thing is, dh will have to work so it's going to be me entertaining these folks. It's probably good timing since I'll probably begin taking cases again within 4 weeks of the baby being born... These are folks from the south who are used to eating at a dining room table. We're folks from the northeast who don't HAVE a dining room table much less eat dinner together. But that's only one part of the puzzle!
I'm just worried about how I'm going to feed these people and all of the regular fears you read about here on the boards.
So I'm not looking for advice, I'm just saying

Who else has in laws coming????????
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my mil is here allready.


we are from the south, living in the south. didn't have a dining room table either, so when she came last summer and found this out, she went and bought us one :LOL
Hmm.. I was thinking the same thing. MAYBE they'll buy us one lol!!!
Although I somehow doubt it.
Last time we went down to see them, she had a fit because of my eating habits (I don't eat red meat/chicken but will eat fish).
She wanted to make a regular dinner, I guess with chicken or something and she asked what I was going to eat. I told her that I'd eat everything but the chicken and I wasn't sarcastic or anything, I was serious! She got all bent and said that I wasn't making things easy for her, etc, it was really ugly to make a long story short.
She made us go to the store so I could buy something to eat for myself for dinner. Man I was so upset. I think she specifically wanted me to buy some sort of fish for myself.
I think I ended up buying imitation crab meat and seafood dip because I couldn't even concentrate at the grocery store.
So needless to say I'm kind of nervous!!
yep, second weekend of july. mil-to-be hates me, and refuses to acknowledge that my daughter exists, so it's sure to be an incredibly fulfilling experience.
Mine come home tomorrow after their 19 day vacation. At least they don't get in until midnight, and hopefully won't stop by.
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