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In need of Holiday Gift Ideas

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I would like to give homemade gifts this year. I am making coaster sets of the kiddos hands/feet for the grand and great-grand parents. I need ideas for the rest of the people though, :LOL. Any good ideas?

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Did you read the gift ideas sticky? Some great ideas in there.
How about homemade jams and jellys. I find that people get so much "stuff" that they really enjoy consumable gifts. I'm experimenting with different kinds of unique jams this year - and also syrups..I've got strawberry syrup for pancakes, waffles , shortcakes or on top of icecream on my pantry shelf- it turned out wonderful. When the blueberries are ready I'm going to try some blueberry too. I watch garage sales for inexpensive baskets and jelly jars then I decorate the baskets and fill it with the jars. Salsa is good too.

I'm also learning how to make some unique butters this year and will probably make some homemade bread or bisquits to go with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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