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I'm having a hard time finding good info on the midwives currently delivering at North Fulton Hospital (north of Atlanta). My last two births involved multiple days of very irregular (but very real, strong, dilating) contractions until I woke up in the middle of the night in transition, such that I never know what day I'm going to deliver until that first transition contraction hits - and then I got to the hospital both times with only 5 minutes or less before I delivered.

So I can't drive to the wonderful new birth center in downtown Atlanta. Kay Johnson delivered my last baby, but I hear she doesn't do hospital births anymore. North Fulton was an amazing place to have my last 4 children; they gave me no trouble at all and left me alone in the middle of the night as I asked them to, etc. I've used Kim Storey before, but was concerned about the lack of communication when a near-emergency arose during pushing, and would prefer to hear the general consensus from her more recent patients.

Emory Johns Creek is also too far away.

I hope there are enough Atlanta people on this board to get some good insight as to which professionals are very knowledgeable about evidence-based natural birthing protocols. Thank you!
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