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in the market for a sewing machine

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can you mamas give me any tips on what to buy??
I want to be able to make slings, dipes, wipes, bibs ectera..
AND I do not have alot of $$ at all to really spend on a top of the line there one out there for me? Where to buy ebay, joAnnes, target???
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I'm a big fan if Kenmore machines from sears. Mine was like $250 new a couple of years ago.The most comparable one I could find is on sale right now.

I think this is a wonderfull all-around machine. It doesn't have a bazillion stitches, but I've never needed anything more.

Some things you want to look for
a zig zag machine. make sure it has a three step zig zag (zig zig zig change directions.. zag zag .. you get the picture.. looks like a zig zag but with three stitches in each direction)
A zig zag machine will allow you to change your needle position from left to right etc. which is important

make sure it has an automatic buttonholer. Yeah.. most machiens have a 4-step button hole function that you do manually and it's not BAD.. it's just MUCH faster to have an automatic 1-step button hole function. .. and learn to use it.. you won't regret it.

next, look for a drop in bobbon.. they are easier to deal with in my opinion.. and a clear top helps you see when you need to get a full bobbin.

And lastly, make sure it has presser foot pressure adjustment. Most machines do now, but you don't want to get stuck without it.. it can make a big difference sewing on knits and light fabrics.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm a big fan of kenmore, but another brand to look at is janome (they make kenmore sewing machines) .. hancock fabrics carries them as well as some dealers. I think for a machine that you won't ougrow, $180-$265 is about the right price range to look in. Anything less than that, and it seems like you give up important features that you might not want right now, but will in six months.. and anything over that is usually more than a "basic" machine. At least in my shopping that's what I've fond.

Have fun!

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