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Inappropriate party favor? 7 year olds

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My 6 year old, turning 7 daughter is having a Junie B Jones birthday party. She'll invite 6 kids, all girls, and we are going to a local Junie B show, followed by lunch and cake at our house. We were thinking of giving Junie B Jones books as party favors (although I realize many kids have already read and/or own them already, so who knows) along with a "burpa-bag" type toy.

For those who don't know Junie B gives her arch-nemeses May a toy that makes burp sounds that all her classmates love. (The story line revolves around whether she will keep the toy for herself or give it to May) My daughter got a similar fart sound toy as a gift that she (and her neighborhood friends, all boys) love. Can I give that along with the book or is too crude? I can't find a similar burp sound toy, which might be just slightly more acceptable.

What would you think if your kid came home with that? Any better ideas? I won't give food or plastic junk that gets tossed once the kid is home. My daughter's sound machine has lived happily for many months and much use on her backpack and is in my budget, along with the books and theater tickets.

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I think it's funny and wouldn't mind if my kids came home w/that from a party, my kids would love it too!
I wouldn't be offended by it or think it were crude. Everybody burps, everybody farts, and it's just downright funny.
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Well we have more than one whoopie cushion in this house so it wouldn't be a problem with me.And my daughter would love it.
If my kid brought that home, I would laugh. I'm laughing just thinking about it. :] I think the book is a good idea too.
I think it'd be FUNNY!
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I see no problem with it. DS1 got two whoopie cushions as gifts (part of each gift) when he was in 2nd grade (so, turning 8). I certainly didn't object.
I would be very surprised if I met a seven year old who thought that was innapropriate. (or their parents)

Kids should be kids.... things that annoy us are funny to them. There is nothing wrong with that party favor, and I wouldn't even give it a second thought.
A toy that burped or farted would go straight in the garbage here.

We don't make those noises on purpose around other people in our family. They are rude.

But, given what I hear around me all the time, we're in the minority on this. (Also on nose picking, sniffing, drooling...)
Considering that the girls' parent think going to the Junie B show is fine, you should be OK. My own DD who is 6 years would not appreciate that type of toy but she also has choice words to say about the Junie B Jones books too.
I have given whoopie cushions in party gift bags before.
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I wouldn't be a fan of a fart noise related toy and it would not last long in my home. I would prefer just the book.
I think it's over the top, but not because it makes a rude noise.

These kids are getting:
A Junie B. Jones show
A book

Do they really need the toy?
i think it is really funny. how well do you know the families?
We say "toot" instead of "fart" and excuse me around here. But I think we're a bit, well, anal. I'm glad we have our manners, but I think dh and I need to lighten up a bit. I'd love to check out "Walter the farting dog," but it would NOT be appreciated by my hubby. Dd did get a little whoopie cushion and while we didn't let her use it at the dinner table, we did let her keep it when we saw how much fun she had with it. That was progress for us.
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While I personally am not a big fan of my family's fart jokes (it's just the way I was raised), they (including my DH) would all love a whoopie cushion and I would just grin and bear it.
Eh they're kids and farts are funny. DH got a similar toy in his Christmas stocking. I'd roll my eyes but wouldn't be offended. I'd be a lot more concerned about the Junie B Jones to be honest because I think she's horribly disrespectful personally, but the fart toy? Not a biggie.
It would be loved in our house -- by the adults and kids alike!

Sounds like an awesome party and a great party favor, too.
Okay, so based on these responses I think I'll proceed with caution regarding bodily noises. I don't know the families at all.

As for Junie B, that's not up for debate. The kids aren't allowed to read her in school (well, the books aren't provided, but kids can bring them from home), so the forbidden fruit is mighty tasty! I think most kids who read her books enjoy them for the few weeks it takes to read through all of them and then move on. My daughter is already past the huge interest, but when we bought the tickets a month or so ago, she was reading a book or two each day. We had great fun talking about her poor grammer, whether she is rude or just self-centered, etc. The theatre production is a musical, so we'll see how much content there really is.

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