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After a run-in with one of the other docs in my OB's group who basically accused me of child abuse because I was still nursing my son while pg with #2 I looked into this topic. My sis is a 4th year med student going in to Obstetrics (and she happened to be in the middle of a high-risk OB/perinatology rotation) and I had her check with the head of the perinatology at the University of Pittsburgh hospital. Word is, as long as you don't have a history of pre-term labour and are taking care of yourself nutritionally then there is no reason not to continue nursing if that's what you want to do. BH will often start earlier and feel more intense and may be triggered by the nipple stimulation of nursing, but this will rarely set of true contractions (though it can help true labor along once it has actually started).

Having said all that, I found nursing to get more and more uncomfortable as my pregnancy progressed and am more than happy that ds pretty much completely self-weaned a few months ago when my supply took a nose dive. DS was just over 2 at the time, so it wasn't too worried, I know deciding to wean a 6 m/o would be a much more difficult choice. Best of luck to you, and congratulations on your expanding family!
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