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It's a common myth that nusing while pregnant can cause increased liklihood of miscarriage; and nursing is not counterindicated to pregnancy (unfortunately it's not commonly accepted, so you're likely to encounter opposition - but, you KNOW the benefits of breastfeeding, so as long as you're armed with info, you can safely ignore the naysayers!) unless your pregnancy has OTHER factors which could increase the liklihood of miscarriage or preterm labor (like carrying multiples).

I am currently nursing my daughter 26 months, 4 - 6x per day and at least 2x per night, and 12 weeks pregnant. What really set my mind at ease, and helped me to make the decision (which felt right to me anyway) to continue nursing was reading "Adventures in Tandem Nursing", by Hilary Flower. It's a great book; I highly recommend it!

You can also visit her site, which has lots of helpful information about nursing two, and she will answer email questions about tandem nursing (and nursing while pregnant):

Good luck!!
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