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Indian Prefold Supplier

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Does anyone know where to get Indian Prefolds at wholesale?

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I get the ones for my store at All Together Baby...
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Are those the bleached ones? I have some of those and someone told me that "Indian prefolds only come unbleached" and that they were longer than Indian prefolds so I am super confused now!!!
Hmmm...I don't know.... I only sell the u/b ones... Let me log in and check...
(That is not their wholesale site--that's their retail site...but they do wholesale)
I see them on the retail site, but not on the wholesale site. I called in my order last month asking for bleached prefolds - they sent me the prefolds with all white stitching (premium has a blue line stitched across the end) rather than the dsq which have the colored stitching so I didn't know what they had sent. I posted some fs on the tp and someone questioned me saying they couldn't be Indian because indian only come unbleached - which is why I came here. They dye up beautifully and are super super soft and I LOVE them!!! I just want to make doubly sure I am selling them under the correct name - wouldn't want anyone to get ticked at me or anything.'re right... On the w/s site, they don't say what cotton is used in the bleached. Odd!

Well, they must make them because they retail them....just have to figure out where they get theirs from!
Thanks for your help. And totally OT, but your little guy is 11 days younger than my dd. I'm having such a great time with her at this age
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You have to be careful with this company. They tend to make substitutions without telling you
: . It can be a real pain.

BTW, glad to see someone chime in to help out! This is where I get mine as well.
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I think that might be what happened to me last time - I KNOW I didn't order indian prefolds (I didn't even know they carried them) but that is what I got. Either they substituted or they had idiots packing boxes that day - both theories are possible I suppose :LOL
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