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Indian prefolds?

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I am a fitted/pocket kind of gal, but have heard that the Indian prefolds are VERY absorbant. Could I use these in my pocket dipes as well? we use wonderoos if that helps.
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I do

A premium indian prefold will last my super soaker all night if I try (I change him by choice 1-2 times a night). An infant one will fit easily (the premiums need a bit of scrunching) and will last for several hours. Actually he has slept through the night once (in his life!) and I didn't wake him (I'm no crazy woman) and ended up being in the same diaper for 7 hours with just an infant indian prefold. It was soaked in the morning, but no leaks! I've get mine from CDNM at
I find an infant indian prefold to be as absorbent as 2-3 joey bunz or cotton babies inserts (what we use at night if we don't use a prefold) and they are trimmer than using 3 of anything as well!
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Yes! Indian prefolds are sooooo absorbant. They work well in pockets. The premium size works well for our large fuzzi bunz.
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