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Please don't think I'm stupid. I have had heartburn terrible bad with my previos pregnancies, but this time it is different. I don't hve heartburn but I have a constant feeling of fullness. Is this indigestion?? I always feel full sometimes after eating I feel over full and sick even though I didn't eat very much. I ahve not been eating very much at all b/c I know it will make me feel sick. I eat very little at a time. I have never had this feeling before what can I do about this?? Please help mamas. Thanks
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Could your baby be pushing against your stomach this time? (Does the stomach even go some place the baby could get to during pregnancy?)
I'm having the same problem (Along with heartburn
I CONSTANTLY feel full, even when I haven't eaten! I have to eat small amounts as well otherwise I feel so so sick and quite often throw them up again, and I find often when I do only eat small amounts I feel sick and full and all. I asked my midwife about it and she said it was probably just because baby was pushing against my stomac squashing it or knocking it. Which I guess makes sence, doesn't make it any easier though!!!
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Sorry I forgot to mention that I am only 9wks along. So I know it's not baby pushing on my stomach. I just have never felt like this before. I litterally only eat like a hand full of cherrioes and I fell full like I've over stuffed myself. I don't even want to eat at all.
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