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Indoor/outdoor cat owners: litter boxes?

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Ive got 2 indoor/outdoor cats........while they are mainly indoor,esp in the winter and they come in at night....the older one has always went outside to do her business....but the younger one still insists on using a litter box. He makes an incredible mess with tracking litter on the floor and I have a problem with our dog eating the poop, so I really have to stay on top of it.

Any suggestions on how to make the transition? We even have an area outside that is sandy for them to use...........

oh....and Ive tried moving the box closer to the door.......then outside the door, but he just goes back to the original spot when I set it outside.....
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I just put up with the litter box, Scout doesn't use it too much, but obviously in the winter much more--although he's been known to run out to the bush and then come back knocking at the door.
You could try a litter like yesterdays news or mountain cat that doesn't track?
CitraMax doesn't track,'s great for infrequent visits to the litter box.
For some reason our indoor/outdoor cat does not like the non-tracking formulas
:. We just got the clumping, flushable kind, scoop it out every day (when they use it) and got one of those little throw rugs to lay in front of the box to catch the litter. As for the dog eating poop (gross gross!), we had to get a box with a hood to stop our younger dog from snacking out of the box. Belch.
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If you own your house, you can put the box in the closet and make a cat door too small for the dog. There are also box types that have a hole in the top and the cat climbs through. They are $100+ but totally dog proof.

My cat spreads litter because he LEAPS out of the litter box and clears the rug.

When I switch litter boxes or locations, I just keep the new box scrupulously clean and let the old one get really dirty. The cats make a natural transition to the clean one. I do have two litter boxes for my two cats, though, so no one cat can "guard" the litter box.
I was using citreMax for awhile and liked it, but he'd even track that! Thats a good idea about the rug though. I have a cat mat.....but its pretty useless.

Ive seen the litterboxes with the hole on the top for around 30dollars at Petco. But I didnt want to invest if when the warmer weather came around (now) he'd start going outside more. But maybe a hood would deter the dog. That would be worth a try, esp if I can turn it so only the cat can get into it. Dont really have a closet....wish I did......

thanks for the suggestions......
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Another idea might be to put the box out in the garage, and put in a kitty flap to the garage door. That might contain the litter a bit, and stop the dog snacking! Of course I'm assuming that you have a garage to do this!
Hope you find an answer.
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