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Inducing lactation w/o drugs... suggestions?

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Hi, My partner and I are expecting our second child this September. I gave birth to our daughter, now 2 years old, and now my partner is pregnant. I'm hoping to be able to nurse our next baby too, once my partner has exclusively nurses him or her for the first 4-6 weeks. My partner works at a job with super-long hours and I stay at home with our daughter, so from that standpoint it would work well. Also, I LOVED nursing our daughter and just can't wait to do it again.
So, my question is... as I look into inducing lactation, it looks like there are a few ways to do it. I have found the most information on using sterioids and hormones and things, but I'd rather take a more "natural" approach if possible. So does anyone have any experience with inducing lactation, or any suggestions on how to go about doing it? Thanks!

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I don't personally have experience with inducing lactation, but know a woman who induced lactation for her adopted baby. She had carried a previous pregnancy to 23 weeks, so she had lactational tissue. She started by pumping her breasts every two hours. At first, she didn't get any milk out. After about three weeks of pumping, she was able to make about 10 oz. a day. She eventually ended up with being able to exclusively feed her newborn adopted baby. I don't think she took any prescribed medication, but she did start taking a lactational herbal supplement after the three weeks of pumping. I hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!!!
How long ago did dd wean? If she's only two, you breast will still know what to do. Would she go back to nursing? Humans are a lot more efficient than pumps!
Ditto the above poster. If your DD is only two, she may still know how to latch hopefully!

You can also try this site.. it's about adoptive bfing (inducing lactation), but may give other ideas?
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