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industrial or regular snaps?

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i'm going to order a snap press soon from diapershop
. should i get industrial or regular snaps? it's highly unlikely that i'll ever make dipes to sell, it will just be for my own use. i'm leaning towards regular snaps but want to make sure they'll last. any advice?
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if it's for you, I'd say go with the cheaper ones. They do stand the test of time. Every now and then, when applying one, it cracks if you smoosh too hard, but it's not a big deal. The industrial are good if you are going to go into business just because it's reassurance to you and the customer.

But seriously, I've been using the plastic snaps for years and they work just dandy (even for my business.. and every time there was a snap issue, it was my fault, not a snap quality issue). BUT, don't try to jump arond and get snaps here and there. I made that mistake and got soem really awful ones on co-op.. lost money.. got some from another online retailer and they have almost no grip etc.. if you buy from, stick with always buying your snaps there.

I do have the size 16 snap dies (which I have for sale btw) in the industrial and the size 20 in the palstic (which I use for diapers) I actually prefer the palstic because if I make a mistake and put the wrong color on, or put it on the wrong way, the plastic are more brittle so they are easier to remove should I need to. But, I've never had one break during use. The few times that it has happened it's been while I was applying it and I could feel it pop and see it so I just took it out and put another one on. No big deal.


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I agree with amber, I got some really cheap-o snaps from a co-op recently and about every other one broke when I pressed on the snap press (and I wasn't even pressing hard, just starting to get the pieces together and "crack" there went another snap...). But I think if you bought either the industrial or regular snaps from diapershop (OSDS), either should work for you just fine. I have been very pleased with the OSDS snaps. Have fun!
I bought my snap press from The Snap Store because the diapershop was out and I didn't know how long it would be before they got more presses. So I don't have industrial snaps - they are working great. I haven't had a single one break and I've applied nearly 100 so far. In my own personal diaper using experience I've only had snaps come off of one diaper and it was the same snap twice from Fluffymail. Otherwise I've never had snap problems.. you might just think I'm lucky but I've owned around 500-1000 diapers (I wish I could say I was lying becuase that's just aweful) and only had snap issues with the one diaper.
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