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infant car seat question

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The other day, I was riding next to a mom who had her baby in a car seat in the back. The handle of the infant seat was upright(carry mode) When my oldest was a baby, we had one of those seats and it said that the handle had to be clicked back, otherwise the seat wasnt locked into place.
Has this rule changed
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The handle is supposed to be down for safety, but my seat clicked into place whether the handle was up or down.
We had ours installed at a safety inspection at our police dept & they said to ALWAYS put the handle down. Mine also clicked into place if it was up or down but we never left it up.
They should ALWAYS be down!!
The label on ours said that it should be up in the car...maybe they are different depending on the manufacturer.

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They should ALWAYS be down!!
Actually the Graco (particularly the Snugride) infant seat handles can remain in an upright position. Every seat is different and designs are constantly changing....doublecheck your manuals to be sure.

CPS tech and mom to 2 sons in seats
Making a difference one car seat at a time.
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