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Right now, I stay at home with my baby, but there is a possiblity that I may get an 8 hour/week position soon. It's a cool job and I'd be so excited, but I have an almost-8-month-old baby, and I'm terrified of leaving him with a stranger, even for such a short time. I realize that many working mothers do this with great results, but because he's a bit older, I worry about separation anxiety...and of course, good quality care.

Do any of you know of any AP-friendly child care in the area? They don't have to lug everybody around in slings all day, I'd just want somewhere that isn't into CIO and doesn't think it's necessary to keep infants from being spoiled, you know:
Since the hours are so few, I realize my choices may be limited, but I'd love to get some leads.

Thank you so much!
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