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Infant hygiene-any food products I can use for shampoo and soap?

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I would like to use foods for baby the way I can for myself. What is safe? If nothing like this will work what brands of baby stuff do you all like? I want NO chemicals.
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*waits for responses too*

although I can add I use olive oil to moisturise my lil one.
For the most part I have always used just water on dd. I do use shampoo and conditioner now because she has curly hair that I can't tame otherwise, but still nothing on her body.

I've also used only water on ds until recently. Now he is one FILTHY little man come bedtime so I do the same stuff I use for me. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar for hair and body wash. I make a body butter for moisturizing, but any food grade oil will work (olive, coconut, etc). I've heard that the BS can sting the eyes (tho I've never experienced that) so I treat it as though it were shampoo (rinse carefully) and I put the acv into a spray bottle and apply it to ds' wet hair after he's out of the tub.

I do water wash too til the babes get to the age they actually get "dirty". If there's a really yucky blowout or something, we wash with a bit of lather from my handmade castile soap. If using it on ds's hair, I just add a tiny bit of suds with my hands and after rinsing also apply a dilute vinegar rinse with my hands.

Olive oil is good, especially evoo. It can be infused with herbs like chamomile and calendula to make a nice all-purpose rash oil or salve. I like the texture/lightness of coconut oil but find that it can feel somewhat drying, so I use it in combination with other oils.
Alegna - check out the curly girl thread on find your tribe. I posted a lot of links on the first page of the thread, including some for children with curly/nappy/kinky hair.
We rarely use soap on DS. Sometimes if he's gotten really yukky I'll use either Burt's Bees soap, or a tiny bit of my Jason shampoo. Otherwise it's just water for us (me too usually.) He and I both brush our teeth with water and baking soda.

Oh but nowadays he likes to play with the bar of soap in his bath, so I guess he gets some soap on him that way.
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