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Infant Indian Prefold weight question

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Does anyone happen to know how much 2dz Infant Indian Prefolds weigh?

I am buying some in a Co-op and I am trying to figure out how much shipping would be to me to see if it's worth it in the end.

Or, it's a long shot but, has anyone shipped 24 infant premium prefolds in the mail to Canada or anywhere else to know the weight and possibly how much it costs.

Thanks so much ladies!
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Oh, ugh.....I know I've shipped them to Canada before. Prefolds are HEAVY. I think I shipped some in the US....maybe 3 dozen for $19.....I **think**. It's been a while.
I think about 18-20 will be pretty close for 3 doz so for 2 Id say somewhere around 11-12?
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