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infant/newborn cap pattern

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Does anyone have a favorite newborn knitted cap pattern?
free is prefered.

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Has a lot of options. Baby hats are so tiny that you could try out like 4 or 5 patterns in a day and then just make more of the one you liked best.
thanks! I had lost hope that anyone was going to reply, I am going to check out the link
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I *love* the umbilical knot hat in S'n'B. It's so cute and knits up sooo fast.
I've been workin on some charity knitting for a local hospital (how ELSE am I gonna get to knit tiny things?!?
) and these are a few of my favorites: (the pattern repeat on this one is really simple ... the pattern is sized for preemies, but if you just add on sts in multiples of 5 it'll work out fine to get the size you need).
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Originally Posted by JLav
I *love* the umbilical knot hat in S'n'B. It's so cute and knits up sooo fast.
I made 12 of these and took them to the NICU where my daughter died...I just altered the pattern so they were smaller...

Very easy!!!
Pilot style caps are a bit harder to knit but I love them for babies because they tie and don't slide off in the carseat or anything. The Stich n Bitch hat is also really nice and easy.

there is a lovely simple hat in Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss, also.
thanks everyone. I just put in a request for both books from my library.
I have the LTK Pilot Cap pattern....ya want it?
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