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I just don't know what to do and would love some feedback. My DD is 31 months old and nurses frequently. I would say at least 6-8x day if permitted and usually at least once in the night. She goes to pre-school a couple days a week and has no problems. When she first started I would nurse her at school when I went to pick her up, but now she waits until we're home.
My problem is I would like to work on getting pregnant, and I'm not fertile to begin with. I have PCOS and had difficulty conceiving Carrie, needed progesterone supplementaion for 17 weeks. I had first PPAF at around 15 months which surprised me. It's been very irregular ever since. As I was so off before Carrie, it's no surprise. I'm on Metformin now, but have not really seen the benefit and I feel the nursing is affecting my already sub-fertilie situation. I just feel very torn about weaning. Carrie is a fabulous, bright, funny little girl who happens to be very high needs and verbaly articulate. When I've attempted to delay nursing and she really wants to, she pulls out all the stops including telling me she's a baby and needs to nurse, nursies will calm her down, and she just needs a little ittly bit for a minute. Yes, I've raised a nursie addict! We sleep in a family bed and the one night I tried to resist she cried in my arms for what seemed like an eternitey telling me all she wanted were her nursies. I ended up crying and we had nursies and got some comfort and sleep.
Do I give up on the idea of another baby and let Carrie wean, whenever that is? I should also include I'm almost 34 years old. This turned into a saga, but I'm just so darned conflicted right now. I have baby fever and part of me wants to aggresively pursue it. The other part worries I would be hurting Carrie by pushing her to wean before she's ready. Please share any and all opinions and advice.
Pamela, mama to my sweet little nursie girl
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