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info/cards to print

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I wanted to post this before my ISP closes down today.From one of the elists I am on I got permission to post it here.Something good to give out.


If you would like to post it anywhere, you
might include a note telling your audience to select "fit to paper" or
"shrink large pages" if they have trouble with the document getting cut
off. I have seen problems with cut-offs in Acrobat 4 that were fixed by
downloading Acrobat 6, so you might advise that as well.

-Robert in Dallas

Here's the PDF I made last night:

As always, there are always the 6-up cards. You can print different
messages on each side of the page - mix and match!

What's Wrong with Circumcision:

Screaming baby image (updated with better pic):

What's Wrong card with SGI link on bottom:

Foreskin Restoration card:

Feel free to edit the files to suit your needs.>>>>
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The first link to the PDF file didn't work and the rest presented a blank page. If you wait, two password prompt pop-ups wilol come up. Click "cancel" on both of these and the image will appear. They are slow to load but it may be the time of day.

I can't get any of them to work. Can you just link to the photos?
I couldn't get the first one to work, either. But the last four I was able to open by downloading the file to my hard drive (right click then "save target as"), and then opening them with MS Word.
Sorry about that.It had worked the other day.I will email him,and just link him to this page.Here is the word perfect one he had done originally:
> Remaining pages:
I can't see doc files unless they are in my email because that has a program to translate them. (I don't use windows!!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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