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Info on Identical Twins Homebirth

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My sister is 32.5 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls. They are sharing a placenta and amniotic sac. We are looking for information supporting the safety of homebirth or unassisted birth of identical twins, in particular if they are sharing a sac or placenta. Her doctor said the ones sharing a sac and placenta are in greater risk for natural birth because the body sees them as only one baby.
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I don't have any information of which you seek, but couldn't read and not respond. From what I have learned via different research monoamniotic twins are at greater risks for complications, such as getting twisted up in each others cords and such. Have you googled monoamniotic twins, homebirth? Maybe that would give you resources that you seek?
I always thought that the risk of Momo twins was them getting tangled in each others cords. There is lots of information available out their - googling is a great way to start your research!
Monoamniotic twins used to ALL be born at home vaginally. .... The Dionne quints were five, identical, same sack for 5 and were born at home.

I think Elizabeth Noble's book Having Twins is pretty good. It has a lot of information about homebirth. Most everything is just scare tactics. I also think the aboutpregnancy guide had a homebirth with twins, but I can't remember if they were monoamniotic.

Hopefully a midwife will pop in, but I think that it's fairly easy to determine if a baby is having problems....especially if the mother is in tune with her body and her babies.

OBs barely know how to do breech birth these days. I wouldn't put too much stock in what they say about twins. Monoamniotic or not.

Almost all babies are safest being born at home.

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