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for vaccinating parents by physical trainer Jason Christoff of Newfoundland. In some states, parents have to attend re-education instruction if they do not want to vax their children, so here are some points to consider for vaccinating parents.

I guess I am preaching to the choir.

If a parent is vaccinating their child, these are just some facts they need to understand.
1. I understand that the pharmaceutical company who made this vaccine has NO liability if it injures or kills my child.
2. If my child is killed or hurt by a vaccine, the public will pay through increased taxes for any damage the vaccine does and in Canada it's very little payment for a dead or injured child.
3. I understand that this vaccine contains neurotoxins such as aluminum that far exceeds "safe levels" deemed by the EPA.
4. I understand that this vaccine contains carcinogenic ingredients.
5. I understand that some vaccines are made from aborted fetal cell lines, of both humans and animals.
6. I understand that getting this vaccine does not ensure that I will be protected from the disease.
7. I understand that my child could get the very disease s/he was vaccinated for and that some vaccines contain the very live virus, the public is told to avoid at all costs.
8. I understand that my child could be a carrier of the disease s/he was vaccinated for and spread it ("shedding") for up to six weeks.
9. I understand that my doctor may get monetarily rewarded for having a high percentage of his/her patients who are fully vaccinated.
10. I understand that if my child is injured by a vaccine, my doctor would have to spend an exorbitant amount of hours filling out paper work in order to report it, but my doctor may not report it anyway since there is no penalty for not reporting a vaccine reaction or injury in his/her practice.
11. I understand that my doctor has no incentive to fill out paperwork for a vaccine injury.
12. I understand that vaccine injury is under-reported.
13. I understand that any human injuring a child, regardless of profession, has very little incentive to report a child/infant injury/death caused directly by that human.
14. I understand that pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to make their product better because they hold no personal liability regarding any damages the vaccine does to child or adult alike.
15. I understand that pharmaceutical companies spend up to 4x more on advertising than they do on research.
16. I understand that corporate media gets 70% of their advertising revenue from pharmaceutical companies.
17. I understand that corporate media does not want to lose revenue, certainly not 70% of it.
18. I understand that when pharmaceutical companies conduct a study (on their own product) it is in their best interest to have a favorable outcome.
19. I understand that the current vaccine schedule has never been tested on children.
20. I understand that this vaccine could cause injury or death, and my child could be one of them. I understand that the vaccine injury or vaccine induced death are listed side effects on each vaccine insert and that most medical professionals purposely hide the vaccine insert from patients, even though it's the law to provide it for viewing before a vaccine is administered.
21. My doctor has informed me on all the risks and side effects and has reviewed the vaccine insert with me.
22. I understand that if my child dies from this vaccine I will be awarded no more than $250,000. This figure is established because of previous awards given to parents already, where a vaccine killed their child.
23. I am making an informed choice to vaccinate my child.
24. I understand vaccines have NEVER been proven to improve immunity above not vaccinating and that this one study, which would cost very little time and money to conduct, is the ONLY study governments and vaccine makers REFUSE to do.
25. I understand that because no research exists to prove vaccines improve immunity, I'm vaccinating my child based on factors, other than the proven research. Although many reasons can be cited for vaccinating, from blind faith to not having enough time to get informed, having research to prove that vaccines are safe and effective can't be a reason to vaccinate because that research simply doesn't exist. I understand I'm vaccinating for reasons having nothing to do with the research.
26. I understand that the government tries to manipulate uninformed parents to vaccinate their children in Canada, regarding school attendance, with purposely obfuscated and one sided announcements regarding child immunization. The government does this when a) no studies exist to confirm vaccines do anything but injure children on many levels and b) vaccination is not required by law to attend any school in Canada. I understand that I'm placing my trust in an institution that's PROVEN to lie and manipulate the public, when it comes to the health of my child, regarding an unproven medical procedure that has already caused death and permanent injury in other children."
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