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Infrequent BMs in newborn - should I worry?

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My 3.5 week old dd only has a bowel movement about once a day. When she does go, it looks totally normal. She does seem to have periods where it seems gas/inability to poop is bothering her (pulling up legs, crying in pain all of a sudden). She has plenty of wet diapers, is alert, and is growing. Should I worry? I know it can be normal for older breastfed babies to only poop once a day but is it ok for a baby this young? My last dd would go every time I nursed her so this is new to me.


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yes it can be normal for some babies. it can even be normal to have a few days or more (but IMO, if there is more than a few days, they're constipated.) if she has gas though and seems in pain, there might be something in your diet that's irritating her a little- but if she has no other symptoms, I'm not the one to guess what that might be.
It can be normal. I was so worried with DS because everything I read said after 6 weeks infrequent pooping was okay. DS never went more than once every other day or so, even as a new-newborn. I do think he was a little sensitive to dairy, and cutting that out for a couple months seemed to make him a little more comfortable with his huge bi-weekly poos
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My son went about once a week from 1 month til he started solids at 7 months. Absolutely normal.

(Unfortunately the newest little guy is making up for it - he poops all dang day!)
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