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Ds (almost 3yo)saw a Nurse Practitioner a couple weeks ago and she noticed his scrotum area looked a little different. One testicle is a little higher than the other. She mentioned possible hernia. She seem confused and referred him to a Urologist. We saw the urologist today and he couldn't see/feel anything abnormal but said we could just schedule him for surgery anyway

To me this seems drastic. We are not even sure if he has a hernia. I am going to a ND for a second opinion.

Anyone have advice, support, experience?

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I would absolutely not want my child to have surgery "anyway". Wow, that just blows my mind! If he does have an inguinal hernia, it does need to be surgically repaired, but I would want to know this for sure, not a question mark. My son had a congenital inguinal hernia, and we knew it because he screamed and you could see it, bulging there. There was no question. I would take him to a pediatric surgeon for a second opinion, and a third even.
Good luck!
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