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injured nipple

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so, i have a nasty wound on one of my nipples from my 9 month old ... the pressure from her top teeth has been a nightmare and i'm trying new positions which help but it's still very challenging!
anyway ... my nipple is not healing well at all so i've stopped nursing on that side and pumping to keep up my supply. my concern is she is not interested in the pumped milk! she will NOT take a bottle or a cup and i'm just afraid my "good" breast isn't producing enough to fill her up. or is it?? that's my question.
also, any thoughts to heal my nip quicker??
hopefully soon we'll be back to wonderful and relaxing nursing times ...
thanks sooo much!!!
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How are you doing today? I don't have any advice, but saw that there weren't any responses and wanted to bump this back up for you.
I would be curious for an answer to this too -- I have a 4 week old that has killed my left nipple with his top gum in the first week of nursing and it has yet to heal. So far I just endure the pain (which I'm used to because we've been dealing with thrush this whole time too) but I"m getting ready to pump it because it hurts so much. I've only mastered the cross cradle hold and tried the football on that side (OUCH). I was thinking of Neosporin but I don't know........ ugh......
: what did you find?
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When my daughter started getting teeth, her teeth would really rub like crazy and I'd get these super ouchy open sores. It was pretty painful, but I'm rub some breastmilk over the wound, and then top it off with some lansinoh. Right after a feeding, if I knew it would be a while before she was going to nurse again, I'd rub a little triple antibiotic on it, too. I'd have to practice deep breathing during the first few minutes on the boob, but then it got a bit better. Hang in there, after a while I think that my skin got tougher or something, 'cause I stopped getting the open ouches. Feel better soon!
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