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Inland Empire midwives for homebirth?

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Just planning ahead. I found Anne Somers based out of Corona and she also has an office in Murrieta. Has anyone met her/used her? Her website is We are going to be ttc again soon (havent even gotten af back yet so I doubt it will be soon) but I really really dont want to deliver at Inland Valley again (or Rancho Springs). I was not thrilled, AT ALL.
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anne was our midwife for my son's homebirth. i thought she was wonderful. very low key and supportive and just what i wanted after my first birth, at a birth center in redlands with a very dr.-like midwife.
feel free to pm me if you want more info!
I'm almost positive that is who my best friend (Thrrrnbush here) used, and if so, she really liked her. I'll double check and lyk

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Cool!! Thanks for the info!!!!!!

I will pm you Susan!
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