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insect repellent????

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i need some advice, it has just started to warm up here, and at my ds's childcare, there are so many black flies, big flies etc, we are by the ocean so dont have the same problem at home.
But my little guy (17 months), is getting biten while there and i dont know what i can safely use, any ideas, advice tips. He loves being outdoors so dont want to keep him inside.
Is there something safe i can buy, or an EO that would work (citronella???).
please help me
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I've tried witch hazel mixed with pepperment EO & it seemed to work with the mosquitos. I don't have the exact proportions. You have to keep reapplying but i figure it is better than deet.

I'm interested in knowing if citronella works. I know Burts bees makes a spray but i haven't tried it.

Good luck keeping them bugs away,

I use Hom's Bite Blocker - it works better for us than Burt's Bees. And was one of the only natural repellents that scored well in the New England Journal of medicine study a couple years back. - though some of the new combination oil repellents may work well, there've been a bunch that have come out since then.
i like burts bees but my absolute favorite is GREEN BAN. it is kind of expensive but you only need a drop at a time. it works really well.
Avon makes a DEET-free repellent that contains
iR3535--much safer, from what I have read has been used in Europe for 20 yrs. Haven't found an EO that works for us yet...
Mix vanilla extract and water (I'm not sure about ratios) and spray on. Then they smell yummy to you, but not to bugs.
Has anyone tried oil of lemon eucalyptus as bug repellant? I read about it on Dr. Greene's web site and was planning on purchasing some this week as my baby and I were getting eaten alive last night. Here's a link to the article:
i've been working on making a repellent with a mix of EO's - and I have to say that it really does work. look for an all-natural combination of citronella, lemon eucalyptus, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint.. and so forth. it works against black flies and mosquitos for us.
I think we bought Green Ban last year and that worked well. I find the natural ones work fairly well esp for DD. We just picked some up for this year that also has an spf of 15. I figured if she's going to be out for so long that bug spray is a good idea why not get the sunblock at the same time and save buying two things and also dd doesn't have to get two things slathered on as well.
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