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This really isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, and I think it's been taken care of...but I just need a place to whine.

I finally decided on a back carrier for my 18 mo dd and ordered it on the morning of Monday, June 4. I received a confirmation from paypal and the seller at about 9am. I ordered one that was in-stock, because they said it would be shipped in 3 business days.

(I'm pregnant and having a hard time carrying dd2 in a ring sling or a wrap.)

I expected it to be shipped priority mail by Thursday or Friday and thought I would receive it by Tuesday. I wasn't exactly sure where it was being shipped from. When it didn't arrive on Tuesday, I e-mailed the seller and asked for an update. They apologized and said they had accidentally skipped my order.

Oh well. Life happens. They told me they would ship it express mail on Wednesday. I was so excited and practically tackled the mail carrier today...but it didn't arrive
. I checked the USPS website and apparently express mail is 2-day delivery from where my MT was shipped.

Sigh. I hope it actually gets here tomorrow...

This is what happens when you're addicted to slings...
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