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I love sleeping with my 5 month old dd and wonderful dh but I have terrible insomnia. Between dd 'snacking' every 2-3 hours, it takes me almost an hour to fall back asleep. It takes even longer when dh is *snoring*. Sometimes, I just get up and log on to read these discussion boards (I was last logged on at 4:19 am this morning) until dd wants to eat again. I nap with dd during the day but waking up several times a day is hard when I'm so tired. I've tried taking dd to the spare bed but it's so small. I've tried kicking dh out for a few nights but feel guilty. Sleeping in 45 minute increments is wearing on me.

I've always had some trouble sleeping and it got worse during my pregnancy. I guess I am one baby who never learned to sleep through the night. In fact, I don't think I ever outgrew my one nap a day!

Any suggestions?
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