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I cant sleep!!! This is awful!

I am so exhausted, yet sleeping at night is impossible and sleeping during the day with a 3 yo equally impossible!

I go to bed with Conor by 8:30 usually. We snuggle in our bed for a while...until he falls asleep or lets us know that he is ready to get in his crib that is right next to our bed. I have to hook up his night feed by 9 and he is so good about letting us know that he wants in his crib before then.

Before pregnancy I would get up and do things.. have some productive me time. Now I just climb back in bed and fall asleep.
Until about 11:30-midnight.
Then I am up... usually until it is just barely starting to get light again.

I don't know what else to try to get some sleep!!!
I try taking a bath, reading a book, drinking some tea.
I can't just lie there in bed, I get too restless.
I can't even do anything productive because my mind is too blurry. And I can't knit right now becuase these D#%* hormones are making my tendonitis flare up.
Conor is up by 7 am. So that leaves me with much less sleep than I need to function!!!

I need sleep!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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