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Inspired to journal night weaning!

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I have been posting many of problems with this dilemma and I am finally giving it a wing. and a prayer. We decided DH had to do it. 100% for now. I am 30 wks pregnant, and he will be the one to deal with it when the baby is born. Much to his hesitation,(he works M-F) he was fearful of the sleep loss, but also saw me making many attempts with no luck. I have posted my problems in the past if you wanted to take a look at them. I saw someone posted a journal last week and wanted to do the same thing.

Night #1 was supposed to start on Friday because we thought this would be sleepless and DH did not have to work until Mon, but DH had stomach problems on Friday night and we started on Saturday. On Sat. we pushed his bedtime back to 8 (with the great suggestions of another post) and then DH went to bed for the night in DS room. Miraculously he slept until 5:15. That doesn't happen with me
: , but
. I went in the nurse him and we slept until 8.
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We tried to put him to bed by 8, but it didn't happen until 9. DH slept with him and he woke up at 4. We are trying to wait until 5, like others, so he tried to put him back to sleep. Told him Mommy's not here, sang to him rocked him. He was screaming, and I mean SCREAMING "MAMA, NUM-NUMS....MAAAAAMAAAAA, NUUUUUUUM-NUUUUUUUUUUUMS!" Only for 10 minutes though, then to sleep until 6:45, didn't want to nurse when he woke up, just wanted to be with dad before he went to work.
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Nursed quickly to sleep by 8. Woke up at 9, DH quickly back to sleep. Woke up at 12. Screamed again, same routine but it lasted 30-40 min. Heart-breaking, but DH and DS are hanging in there. Woke up at 6:30, nursed about 10 mins before getting up with DH. I'm afraid to say how well I think this is going, this is what works for us after searching for the plan that fit us, and I found it through the many of replies on the dilemmas previous to this. Thanks everyone

I am going to start on naps tomorrow, since it is going so well. I will nurse him to sleep, but I will not nurse him back down if he wakes up. I know this will cause him to be so cranky, but we feel it somewhat negates what we are attempting to do in the evening, if I continue to let him carry out the nurse-through-sleep association during naps. We will see.
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Glad to hear its going so well.

My ds used to nap only for short times until we nightweaned, then he started sleeping for longer by himself because he was used to it at night. So you might want to wait a couple of weeks before you change the nap situation - i use the nap as a time for ds to get lots of mummy time, cuddles and milk (well no actual milk but you know what i mean) - i think it makes it easier for them to cope at night if they have had lots of mummy time - but each kid is different..

We might have started a little early trying to get him down, 6:45 DH read to him and then I went in to nurse @ 7 (our goal is to have him to sleep by 8). It took me 50 min to get hime to sleep. He was kind of a sleep, but I rock him in the rocker and then take him to his bed to lay him down and when I did his eyes popped open and I tried to put him back to sleep without nursing and he wouldn't have that. Back to the rocker until I was sure he was sleeping (nipple fell out of mouth). He woke at 9:30 and DH went back and he sounded like he woke up completely through the monitor, he fought for about 5-7 min and DH whispered a story to him while holding him and he was asleep in seconds!! I really can't beleive he can do that! No way could babe and I do that without ALOT of crying. DH slept with him said he was restless, but he didn't wake up and scream for me.

The no nurse back to nap starts today we'll see how that goes. I expect it not to work and he will just have a very short nap, but I think it will work itself out eventually. I know that sounds negative, I shouldn't expect anything - I expected NW not to work this way, because everything else had failed that we tried, but it's working like a charm.

Off to the days adventures!
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Same story, pretty much. I took advice and I don't think I'm going to try to stop nursing back to sleep with naps right now. It's the time when I myself get a nap ( and being 31 wks pregnant I need it) and I will miss some kind of "our time". It also makes me appreciate not having to do it all night long.

He took a 1 hour nap and then woke up still sleepy, nursed him back to sleep and took a nap myself for another 45min.

Dad read to him for ten minutes @ 7:20, I nursed him for about 10-15min and he was out. Woke up @ 9:30, DH went in, picked him up, layed him down still awake and told him he would be right back. He got ready for bed and DS yelled again and DH went in for the night. He must have went back to sleep for a short amount of time then he had a bad dream? because I heard him scream in the most pathetic voice, "DaDa". DADA?! What happened to MaMa? Oh well, It couldn't be happening at a better time. I am having a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep right now and it's only going to get worse. And you should see how proud my DH is that this is making their bond so much stronger. He had a hard time when DS was new and all he wanted was mommy, wouldn't take a bottle and didn't start solids really until he was one. It's good for everyone.

DH is getting a root canal today, so we will see how tonight goes.
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