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Instant addict?

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I've been knitting every free moment I have since I started a week ago, though I haven't made much - mostly I'm just practicing knitting, purling, doing seed stitch, casting on & binding off, knitting in the round, etc. in preparation for the real knitting to come. This is so addicting! If I don't have yarn & needles in my hands, I feel like something is missing. In fact, I even took my knitting to the movie theater last night when we went to see the new Star Wars movie.
: (Which was actually a good move on my part b/c I hated the movie and was glad that I had something to occupy myself with while I sat through 2.5 hours of bad acting, worse dialogue, and a story that really didn't need to be told :LOL ) Oh, and I visited our LYS and wanted to buy one of everything in the store. I an addict already?
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Oh yeah, you're one of us!!! LOL I haven't been to the movies in ages, but now I am dying to go just for a few hours of uninterrupted knitting time.

Start clearing out space in your house in anticipation of the yarn to come...

It is soo addictive, and its the first hobby I haven't grown tired of just as quickly LOL. Welcome to the club!
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