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A little while ago I had to stay in the hospital for about a week for a staph infection in my kidney. They were giving me IV Tequin, which everyone (including the LC) said was not great for nursing and they recommended I put the baby on formula while I was on the IV.

So I rented a hospital-grade pump, because I've not been responding well to my PIS for quite some time and, since I would be exclusively pumping for a while, wanted to make sure that my supply didn't get hurt too badly. It didn't, and when I got home we picked up nursing right where we left off; no problems.

But (and I'm not sure, because I'm still trying to decipher the paperwork) it looks like the insurance company is not covering the pump rental. I'm very aggravated. Does anyone have experience with this type of situation -- where the pump rental is not because of the baby's condition, but mom's? I'm also wondering if maybe Nate's age has something to do with it. (His age seemed to really confuse the hospital workers. EVERY single hospital worker who came in and saw the breast pump assumed I had a new baby, until they asked or saw him. The nurse who gave me my discharge instructions even gave me standard post-partum care instructions about bleeding and resting, etc. I was just floored. Surely health workers realize that there are women who actually nurse as long as the medical establishment recommends?)
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