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Insurance companies make me cry... thank goodnessfor hubby!

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Our MW asked us to contact the insurance company about a pre-existing condition clause since the insurance is newer. I asked the hubby to call because every time I do, they make me cry. Yes, assertive me, I cry. I always have a bad experience. Well DH just wrote me to say he needed to know what the pre-existing condition is as he wasn't sure they would understand and a few minutes later he wrote back to say:

I was right. I called and all anyone could do is explain what pre-existing condition is, even though I told them I already knew what it was. The lady I spoke to spoke very rough english and couldn't understand that:

a. it was my wife who was pregnant, not me.
b. my wife got pregnant after the coverage started
c. that my wife was not in her 15th month of pregnancy

I then asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who spoke better english and was put on "terminal hold" and finally hung up after listening to soft jazz for 20 minutes.

I then called back and had to ask the the lady turn down her radio so that I could hear her.

I learned that the pre-existing clause is in effect for 6 months. Our service started on 12-1-2006, so the clause should have ended on 6-1-2007.

They claim that they have not turned down anything as a pre-existing condition.

Was there any specific charge, or service that I needed to talk to them about? If so, I need a date of service.
Anyway, I am just grateful he's willing to do these calls for me as I have had my fair share of insurance calls and I am at the end of my rope with them all!
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Are you meaning preexisting in the sense that you got your insurance after you got pregnant? Just curious becaues dh just got new insurance at work and in the benefits meeting they specifically told him they can't use pregnancy as a pre-existing condition. I'm not sure if thats a state law or not? I think it might have also been printed in the handbook we got-maybe you could check there if you have it.

I totally understand about the phone calls. We had a big fiasco after ds was born with billing and I got to the point where I just couldn't call them anymore and made dh do it all!
I am not exactly sure what's going on because we didn't get pregnant until after the insurance. I don't know if they've told the MW we still have some clause or what. Still in the finding-out stage I guess.
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