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Very simple really. Wash like a finger from base to tip occasionally swish in the bath. If he has a blow out diaper a quick dunking in the water is all that is needed any poo that gets on the foreskin opening if you cant just wipe it off then the next time he pee's it will come out or if you are not comfortable leaving it do a quick water swish.

Never push the foreskin back and be extra virulent that no health care worker ever does either. You can decline under the diaper checks if you wish or you must tell the Dr before the diaper comes off to not manipulate the penis at all. Most are not taught proper care ie leaving it alone and will try to push the skin back just to see XYZ.

Some links you need to read:
A Warning To Parents Of Intact Sons
The Definition Of Retraction & Why it is BAD
Possible Separation Issues This one is for future reference in case something comes up so you wont freak out
I have found that if I know what might happen I can relax about it since I know how to fix it.

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Originally Posted by michaelasmommy View Post
So, after three girls, we are finally having a boy! My DH is circ'd, so we don't really have a clue. Anyone have some links to caring for our new little boy? My DH is a little nervous!
Congratulations on keeping your son the way nature / God made him. That truly indicates you KNOW your ds isn't going to be born with a birth defect. Just always remember that the human blueprint included the male prepuce/foreskin for a good reason.

I'm partial to this brochure:

I've given it to anyone who is going to care for my ds: babysitters, church nursery workers, or relatives who will be changing my intact ds's diaper.

Hope you'll find it helpful too.
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