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Interested in protecting your health freedom???

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Health Freedom Day in Tallahassee is Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We need supporters of alternative therapies of any kind to join us in Tallahassee on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 to spread the word to the legislators that a LARGE number of citizens care passionately about their access to alternative therapies. Please join us in this crusade.

I am a student at the Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy and our main task is visiting legislators in their offices. We will have appointments made and we will go in small groups to call on legislators and their staff. We hope that this will actually give us better exposure: with appointments in advance, we have a better chance of getting our message across to legislators and their staffers.

The more, the merrier -- if you have friends who are interested in alternative therapies of any kind, they would be very welcome. Our task here is not to explain what homeopathy (or any other therapy) is; the legislators don't really care (!) -- rather it's to let them know that we care passionately about our access to alternative therapies.

Please spread the word to your friends, family, other forum members, your local AP groups, LLL groups, your alternative therapists, anyone interested in supporting natural therapies! Please feel free to IM me, PM me, or email me for any details.

Thanks for considering helping with this, and for sending good energy to it even if you can't come! Thank you all for your support!!!

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Just bumping this up but I haven't had any replies, I would like to know if this is important for anyone out there.
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