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I had been taking 2 capsules of FCLO for 6 months or so (cause that's the 'serving size' on the label) but then decided to up it to 1 teaspoon a day after realizing my Vitamin D level was low.

As SOON as I upped the FCLO, no other changes, my dreams became MUCH more vivid, seem to last longer, and I have much greater recall about them. Maybe my dreams haven't changed at all but my ability to remember them has changed--memory boost from FCLO?

A slightly more disconcerting side effect--one of my 2 cats won't leave me alone now!
I must be sending out FCLO aromas (but dh and dd swear I smell fine!) She comes up and stares at me and climbs all over me like I'm going to give her some salmon or something. This also occurred simultaneously with my increase in FCLO. Weird!! (The other cat has never bugged me for food and doesn't seem interested in my new 'perfume').
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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