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I've dated a few guys in my past who have dated women who were breastfeeding. I remember my ex said that as soon as the woman climaxed, she sprayed him. LOL

Anyway, these were all men without kids and they really could care less. Leaking breasts were either funny (in a good way) or sexy to them.

I co-sleep, but if DP and I were to break up while I was breastfeeding, there's NO friggin way I'd have DD in the bed with me and a man. She'd have to sleep in her room. Truthfully, I wouldn't let the guy stay overnight. (I almost never did that while single and unattached anyway. I don't like bed sharing, unless its my baby.

I think most single men would find my breasts sexy right now. They're big and full. I'd probably just wear my bra during sex and keep it moving.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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