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International homeschooling starting in California Check it out!!

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Hi Everyone,

I am a mother of a beautifully vivacious 10 month old girl. I am writing to see if my vision has been started yet by some you know or if you are interested in creating such a beautiful thing. So here it goes. I want to homeschool and create international community. We live in California and would start here. Through e-mail we could meet other moms and create ways to travel to each others towns and "sponsor" learning and fun events. Like museums, aquariums and workshops etc... on and on as our kids grow. It could be fun for the parents as well. I hope to find a way to get this accredited as well. And travel all over the world. Our kids classmates would be the world!!!From their computer and then they could meet them! What do you think?:
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What a great idea
I'm not sure how many home education families can afford this kind of thing, but the concept is wonderful! Go for it!
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We have a one-year old son.
Your idea sounds like fun.
We don't live in CA.
I teach our son songs in several languages and we have books from many cultures worldwide on the shelf. So far, he turns the pages. He is exposed to three languages.
Would be great to get together with moms with open minds for learning adventures.
Online, if not in person, due to location.
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Thanks for responding. I am hoping to get together with some moms here and talk about what we want to do for homeschool pre-school. Maybe you could be an internet contact and we could of course have other e-mail contacts over time and talk about what we are all doing like mothering does in the discuss group with the intention of travelling to each others towns some day and having different moms/dads be hosts of a certain event. Like if you are in New York showing us the Statue of Liberty and giving us advice on where to stay etc... What do you think? I don't know.
I have introduced other languages to my daughter as well. Yet not on a consistent basis. Do you on a consistent basis?
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